Swing Cats host community swing dance event

My second video for The Optimist was a collaboration with another videographer named Michael. I was shadowing/helping him shoot Fall Stomp, an annual fall semester event hosted by Abilene Christian’s swing dancing club. At the event, club members and members of the Abilene community come together to dance the night away with some great music performed by ACU’s jazz band.

This particular event posed a challenge for both Michael and myself, because the music was very loud for most of the night. When we had to get interviews from the jazz band director and a host of the event, we didn’t have headphones plugged into the camera. The unfortunate consequence from that was bad audio throughout most of the video.

Michael played a huge part in the post-production process of the video. A few days passed and our boss asked us how the video was going and why it hadn’t been uploaded yet. Michael had said he hadn’t finished editing it yet because of the bad audio, and he was trying to fix it in Adobe Audition. We did not have the time to spend hours fixing audio, it had already been a few days since the event. We either had to finish the video the next day or just scrap the whole thing.

I did what I thought was right; I re-edited the entire video with the bad audio. I made sure to keep the original edit of the video so our boss could see both of them to compare. When he came to see the final edit, he helped me figure out how to fix some of the audio, and generally liked my version of the video better. My colleagues have all said that bad audio can ruin an entire video, and I definitely believe it. However, I don’t think this video was ruined by the audio.

You can form your own opinion about the video here:


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